Monday, January 9, 2012


Sorry for not posting on the weekend but I was still busy packing up my computer/craft room.  On Sunday, I took it a little bit easier and didn't pack that much.  Today, I figured out which room I am going to pack tomorrow and what will be going with me.  Yesterday, I took out a lot of stuff for trash.  I had taken out an old sewing machine cabinet and during the night somebody took it.  I didn't mind, it wasn't good enough for Good will and I wasn't going to take it with me because I wouldn't have had the room for it.  I sure the garbage men kept the old non-working stereo that I had put out there.  I know they kept the old clock radio because I saw one of them with it.

Today, I signed the lease for the apartment.  We put down as the move in date as Friday Jan. 13th.  That gives me the rest of the week to pack and all next week to move stuff in.  I need to get the electric turned on as well as the water.  I will wait with the cable and Internet until I am in the apartment.  So there will be a few days where I won't be online.  I am also going to get digital phone from the cable company.  My pets have been classified as service animals so I get to keep all 3 of them.  They are my kids and I wouldn't have been able to decide which one was to go.

On Sunday, I started my 3rd start for the year.  It is a Christmas stocking with Santa and several animals which you can see above.  I also worked on it today and I am really enjoying it.  My 4th start will be the Praying Hands which is also above.  I will start it in the next couple of days.  I still have to prepare it so I can work on it.  Don't know what my 5th start will be as I have them in a big box and draw 1 out to see which will be next.

Well, I can't think of anything else to write about so I guess I will close.  Until next time, God Bless.

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