Monday, January 2, 2012

My January Crazy Challenges

I started on my January Crazy Clallenge on the 1st with a project called Dear Lord.  It is the poem of  'So far today...'  It has the poem and teddy bears on it.

The 2nd one I will start today.  It's called And the Two Shall Become One.  It is a marriage sampler.

I also wanted to show you the last finish I had for 2011.  It's called Love Spoken Here.

I will be taking a break from packing today to start stitching on And the Two Shall Become One.  I really wish I was finished packing because I am getting so tired of it.  Hopefully, the people who looked at the house last week will be buying it.  I hope and pray that they will as well as crossing my fingers.  I really want to get into my new apartment and out of this house.

While I have been packing my stash, I have found several projects that I had forgotten that I had started or bought.  It was like Christmas when I found them and looked through them.  I have inclueded them into my Crazy January Challenge so hopefully, I will get them finished this year.  I still have some stash to pack and that will be what I do today.

That's about it for now.  I hope the next update will be tomorrow January 3 when I show my 3rd start of the year which will be a suprise to me also.  I just reach into my box of kits and pull one out each day.  Until tomorrow, God Bless you.


  1. It's going to be so fun watching your progress Connie. Go for it girl..
    You're 2011 finish is awesome!! I really like it and you did an outstanding job on it.

  2. Very nice stitching.I love all your projects.

  3. Great start for your blog Connie. Your projects are beautiful.

  4. Two very nice starts, Connie. Congrats on your last 2011 finish.

  5. Great last finish for 2011! And I'm looking foward to seeing your starts for the Crazy Challenge! N

    Good work on the blog too!

  6. Nice blog - I like both of your pieces you've started.

  7. Really nice stitching and good luck getting them done. I have been going through stash myself and finding things that I had forgotten about and it makes me want to stitch them even more LOL I have promised myself first things first:)

    Mary Louise in IN

  8. I love the Love Spoken Here! Dear Lord is very cute. Look forward to seeing your updates

  9. Welcome to blog land, Connie! It's a lovely start! Can't wait to see more! Thanks for sharing!

    Melissa J.

  10. Great finishes! Welcome to blog-land! :)